History of North View Baptist Church


The earliest known history of North View Baptist Church began in 1876 when a group of worshippers from New Grove Baptist Church, Lunenburg County, Virginia decided to establish a church in Mecklenburg County. It began as a bush arbor. On August 4, 1876, Ashby Lee Ogburn, in regards of the consideration that he had for Christian Religion deeded to Mumford Simmons, Albert Ogburn and Warren Ogburn and their successors in Trust one-half acre of land for the use of a Baptist church on this present site. At a later date, two additional acres were donated by the Ogburn family behind the present edifice, where we have established a playground for our youth. There is no other available record of the early beginning other than the deed which is recorded in the clerk's office in Boydton, Virginia.

We are told that one of the first pastors, if not the first, was the Reverend William Miller of Union Level, Virginia. Following him was Reverend J.W. Thomas. Both of these pastors served faithfully and well.  Our earliest written records began in the year 1893. At that time, Reverend J.W. Thomas, Pastor, Brother H.L. White, Church Clerk, Brother Albert Ogburn, Treasurer, and Brother Robert Coleman, Sexton were elected officers. Reverend Thomas served until 1894. Reverend N.C. Bagley was elected pastor in 1895 and served untiringly and loyally until 1900. Reverend G.D. Wharton accepted the pastorate in 1901.

Through struggles and hardships, a church building was erected in the early 1900’s.  Pastors respectfully serving from 1902 to 1952 were Rev. L. N. Nelson, Rev. R. W. Eubanks, Rev. J. J. Wood and Rev. A. L. Williams.  Under the able leadership of these dedicated men, the church continued to grow spiritually, influentially and structurally.

In 1953, Rev. Carl Jones of Kenbridge, VA became pastor of  North View Baptist Church.  We were blessed with the addition of two deacons – Harold Taylor and Richard Holmes, and two deaconesses – Ora Taylor and Beatrice Holmes.  During his pastorate, a heating unit was installed as well as the acquisition of both a piano and organ.  Reverend Jones was also responsible for the formation of the youth choir.  He served faithfully and rendered beautiful music on the church piano until 1971.

  In 1972, Dr. A. A. Brown of Henderson, NC was selected as pastor.  He diligently promoted growth in the church both spiritually and structurally.  Services were increased from one Sunday to two Sundays per month.  He also began weekly bible study and a youth ministry.  Two new deacons – Claude Piercy and Russell Sallie were added and two deaconesses – Louise Piercy and Rosa Sallie.  Brothers Edmond Jones and Herman Lundy became members of North View and were later received as ordained deacons based on their ministry experience from other churches.  At that time, Sister Claudia Lundy became deaconess.  The installation of stained glass windows and indoor bathrooms also occurred during this time.  In 1976, the North View congregation celebrated its One Hundredth Anniversary of the church.  At that time, a special project was launched to build a new edifice.   Amid the many obstacles faced by a growing church, the dedicated members continued to work faithfully.  The members worked together to insure the continued growth and permanence of the church’s services.  On October 25, 1987, a dedication service for the new edifice was held.  The steeple, bell and pews were moved to the new edifice and still remain today.  The pews were upgraded with arm rests and cushions, a communion table and chair set along with pulpit furniture were purchased.  The church was blessed with playground equipment, which was donated.  During Rev. Brown’s tenure as Pastor he received his earned Doctorate Degree and continued  to serve faithfully until his retirement in June of 2002.

In March 2003, Rev. Robert L. Faulcon, Sr. of Littleton, NC became the 11th pastor of North View Baptist Church.  God has abundantly blessed North View both spiritually and materially.  Our spiritual gains and accomplishments are:  instituted fulfillment hour which has increased our membership, institution of a Nurse’s Ministry, Junior Missionary Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Mother Deaconess Ministry, Youth Ministry and the organization of a summer youth institute.  During this time the church also became a lifetime member of the NAACP.  These gains were accomplished through preaching, teaching and reaching the uncommitted.

Our material accomplishments are:  Installation of a new roof, installation of  new stained-glass windows, paving of the church parking lot, purchase of a bus shed, refinishing  the floors in the sanctuary and fellowship hall, purchase of a new heating and air conditioning system, installation of a generator, a PA system with sound board, the addition of  a drum set and guitar, construction of a fellowship hall restroom, refurnishing of  the Pastor’s study to include a refrigerator, purchase of a copy machine  and a wall to wall desk set for the finance room, installation of a satellite dish, creation of the Learning Center computer lab with internet access, installation of visual monitor displays in the vestibule and sanctuary, installation of a security system, a new marquee, procured new Bibles and hymnals and the recent development of a functioning website.  These things have been done and gained through the teaching of tithing and giving.  The Church was also blessed with a donation of a church bus.

   New deacons are Thomas Bullock, Benjamin Pinckney and Shannon Phillips.  New deaconesses are Stella Bullock, Janice Pinckney, Theresa Phillips, Mae Robinson, Annie Kersey and Gladys Lee.

   Sister Estelle Bell, age 99, was recognized on January 20, 2013 by the church family as being the oldest member.

We give God the praise for helping us move forward for One Hundred Thirty Seven years.  We pray He will keep us in His care and permit North View Baptist Church to forever be a “Beacon Light” in this community, county and state.